Download Videos from Facebook FB Story, Reels and Private videos

What is Facebook Reels Downloader?

Fb Reels Downloader is used to Download Fb Stories, videos or Reels. Facebook Reels were released in January 2022. Facebook Reels are similar to Tiktok videos. The feature of Reels in Insta and Facebook was in beta mode in last months of 2021, the access of the Fb Reels Program were only given to some creators using invitation notification and the award of 2000$ was given for successful views to the Beta testers. You can also visit Youtube Videos Downloader.

How to use Facebook Reels Download tool?

Step 1

To use Facebook Reels Download or Insta Reels download. Open Fb or Insta Application.

Facebook Reels Download Step
Facebook Reels Download Step 1

Step 2

Go to the video you want to download. Copy link of the Insta or Fb Reels Video using share or copy Link Button

Fb Reels Copy Link
Fb Reels Copy Link

Step 3

Paste the copied link of Instagram Reel or Fb story video in the upper toolbar and click on Download button.

Fb Reels Downloader Link
Fb Reels Downloader Link
Video tutorial on Facebook Reels Download

Features of FB Reels Downloader

  • Download in HD, SD and MP3
  • Download Unlimited Facebook videos without Watermark
  • Download Unlimited Facebook Reels in High Quality
  • Download FB Reels from any device Mac, IOS, Windows or Android
  • Earn by downloading High quality Reels
  • No need to download or install software on your device, just open and download.
  • There is a preview feature after you enter the video link, so you can watch the preview video before downloading reels.
  • Fastest and HD Quality FB Reels Downloader.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Facebook reels are short videos which were launched in the year 2022. Facebook launched Insta and Fb reels after the popularity of Entertainment app Tiktok.

To download Reel Videos. Copy the link of the video or reels and paste into the toolbar at the start of the website.

FB Reels downloader is 100% safe as we dont use any cookies and we dont save any data of visitors.

Videos are saved in the download folder by default. You can watch the videos in Mobile gallery or through the download option in the browser.

Yes, you can download Facebook Live videos when they have finished Streaming.

Reel videos are legal download as far as you dont use them for commercial Purposes. You may have to ask the creator if they allow using there Reel videos.

If you are unable to download facebook Videos. Its Probably the link is broken or video is private. It might also due to signout account of Facebook.

You can download Facebooks reels by navigating to three dots and shaer url then copy the url of the Reel. Open fb Reels downloader, paste in the downloader and click download icon.

we dont save any downloaded videos on our server. All videos are directly downloaded from Facebook servers nor we track any users data.